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TenMen – with your help we will get South Africa working!

Welcome to TenMen! Our aim is to provide organisations with a team of skilled workers for various projects and facilitate the employment and training so that workers all around South Africa can be employed. Our services include a comprehensive “adoption” procedure, training and mentorship, and all the necessary details to ensure that the process of hiring workers is a simple one.

Adopt TenMen today!

As an organization, TenMen will help you to find the best possible team of ten men that you can rely on and adopt for your various projects. You can select your team and track them via our website easily, provide feedback and give them notes. We aid in the facilitation of a labour team for any types of projects from bricklaying, building, gardening, and more.

TenMen offers a professional team, headed by one of our team leaders, transportation to and from the site where they are working, and lunch for each worker. Basically we do all the hard work of hiring a good team, so all you need to do is sit back and relax knowing that your projects are taken care of.

TenMen’s comprehensive your own TenMen page so that you can track each worker and manage your team successfully and easily.

We also help organisations to train and motivate their team, by offering advice and tips which they are able to easily apply and use. This ensures that each organisation retains a loyal team who are always encouraged to work hard.

Benefits of Using TenMen:

  • Manage your own team of South African workers for any of your organisation’s projects.
  • Be part of the solution to reducing unemployment in South Africa.
  • It is easy to manage your own team and track their progress.
  • We provide support and facilitation.

Join TenMen’s exciting initiative to curb unemployment in South Africa today!


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